The Wheel of Time Series – Fantasy at Its Best!


You have heard of the Lord of the Rings. You have heard of Harry Potter. You have heard of the Chronicles of Narnia. The aforementioned are not only popular books, but also now popular movies. Now whether or not you have heard of the Wheel of Time series, it is simply the best when it comes to fantasy.

The Wheel of Time series was started by Robert Jordan back in 1990. In this epic tale Jordan weaves a fantastic world full of magic and wonder, strange creatures and a variety of cultures with a myriad of characters who live in a time when the world is about to enter a new age one way or another. The Dark One though bound for millennia is on the verge of breaking free from his prison. It is up to the one that the Light has chosen, the one called the Dragon Reborn, to prepare the world for facing the Enemy, and indeed to prepare himself to lead the last battle.

This world Jordan created is full of intrigue. In it, there are people who are gifted with the ability to channel the One Power, which has a male half and a female half. Those who can channel are able to do extraordinary feats, such as healing the wounded, blasting balls of fire conjured from thin air, making gateways that lead to far off places and so much more. The very concept of this kind of magic which Jordan introduces is for the most part unlike what is seen in the popular tales of magic. Time Series But things are not so straightforward, as the male half of the source has been tainted by the Dark One in a previous age, thousands of years before, when he was sealed by the man called the Dragon, Lews Therin. Now any man who channels is destined to go mad, unless the source can be cleansed in time. However, the female channelers, Aes Sedai, have already established a routine over the ages, to in effect destroy any man who shows the ability to channel. Yet, it is known that the one who has been prophesied to come, the Dragon Reborn, will himself be a channeler.

It is in this world that the Dragon Reborn appears. He must deal with the antagonism that has been built up over the centuries towards any man who can channel while at the same time deal with the many who would exploit him for personal and evil ambitions, not to mention his own struggle with maintaining sanity having to use the tainted source. He must face the many friends of the Dark, who are not obviously known. He must contend with the Forsaken, 12 powerful channels who lived during the Age of Legends, who were also sealed with the Dark One. The Dragon Reborn must unite a much divided world before the last battle to ensure victory to the Light.

In the first book of this saga, The Eye of the World, 3 youngsters and good friends from the same village, destined to be heroes, one the Dragon Reborn himself, are forced to flee their home town and reluctantly fulfill their destiny. As they travel, they learn more about themselves and the prophecies of the end which tie them together and make each necessary to defeat the Dark One, Shaitan. On their way they face minions of the Evil one, and friends of the Dark who seek to destroy them before they can fulfill the prophecies.

The world of the Wheel of Time is one of magic, sword fights, strange creatures, mystery, intrigue, politics, rich cultures which all culminate to produce one of the finest stories in the fantasy genre. Unfortunately, Robert Jordan died in 2007 while writing book 12, which was supposed to be the final book. However, before he passed, he revealed the ending to a few, and a new author, Brandon Sanderson was selected to complete the tale. Sanderson has just released the next book in the series, which unfortunately is not the last as Jordan had intended. However, Sanderson has promised to complete the story in two more books. He assures readers that he did his best to put everything in one book, but it would have been too big.

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