Checklist For Doing Garage Conversions As a Means of Home Renovations

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Converting your garage into a new living space can be a cost effective way of adding a new room to your home. It may be an intelligent choice for many reasons.

Perhaps you are fond of the neighborhood you live in and do not want to leave it in search for a bigger house even if your family expands. Perhaps you have a new addition to the family or you just want to earn extra income from renting out the new room. Perhaps you need to accommodate a lifestyle change like a new home office. Perhaps you find it too expensive to find a new house with extra rooms.

Any of these may be the reasons but the result is that you plan to renovate or convert your garage into a spanking new room that adds value and comfort to your home. With the following checklist you are on your way to acquiring a beautiful new room-

1. Estimate the costs and benefits of your garage conversions: Consider the value of your conversions. Either it may add value or completely dampen the prospects of your property. One rule is that if all properties in the neighborhood have garages, then converting your garage will push down the property value. You must check out if garage conversions are considered desirable in the neighborhood.

2. Get building permits for your garage conversions: Different cities have different zoning laws. garage conversión – adu But all cities require building permits for converting garages to anew room as they are extending living space. You must get your plan approved by local officials. If you convert garage into a rental unit, it becomes a two family home.

3. Put in place a budget: You must decide how much you are willing to spend on renovations. The cost climbs up quickly with insulation, installing windows, flooring, plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, fixtures, paint and furniture. Your final budget will depend on availability of utilities like air-conditioning for the room. You can cut costs by doing some carpentry yourself. But do not attempt any work yourself unless you are truly skilled or you will end up wasting double the investment.

4. Take the help of a Garage conversion/ renovations professional: It is best to consult professionals while attempting garage conversions. Consult an architect and a contractor for designing the new room and implementing its renovations. An architect can take care of the aesthetics and the contractor the functionality of the room. Hiring an experienced plumber and electrician can avoid costly mistakes. You can avoid mishaps like leaks, floods, fires etc. If a professional has worked on the new room, you can be get insurance against these risks. A licensed plumber and electrician must work at the septic and wiring systems.

If you are doing Garage conversion as part of renovations project in your home, here is a quick checklist to note what all important things are required:

o Create an architectural plan or design
o Secure all required permits and permissions.
o Do the Framing of the room
o Connect room to existing plumbing
o Secure electrical wiring
o Connect to the existing HVAC Unit. Or set up an independent heating system in the new room
o Add necessary insulation
o Put in place dry wall
o Put down carpeting or flooring.

Finally you must add finishing touches to your new room. Match its decor with the rest of the home. Furnish it with required gadgets and furniture. The room truly reflects the hard work and thought that went into its renovations. Garage conversions are an attractive way to add new living space to your lovely home.

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